Support Our Projects

You can help to create a future that benefits all by contributing to the financial stability of our project work: 

  • By adopting a date palm you support the fair trade project Adopt A Palm. A contribution of CHF 210 (or the equivalent in USD) will cover the agricultural costs for the first five years of your adopted date palm. A third of the revenue created afterwards, as the palm tree begins to bear fruit, will be distributed to other projects. Learn more about Adopt A Palm and how you can adopt your very own date palm at
Be the Change You Want to See In the World

For the last two years Together to One has been working with a Dutch charity organization to support a Bedouin family. Our secretary Arwa knows the family and asked us to help. They used to live in two dilapidated tents. Now they possess their own (as yet unfinished) house which protects them from the heat in summer and the cold in winter. 
The father cannot provide for his family since he had a work-related accident. The mother is fully occupied with her four children. They are all malnourished and insufficiently dressed, lacking shoes and warm clothing.  

I talked about the family in Switzerland and received warm blankets and clothing for the children. Thank you all very much. We are worried about the health condition of the boy. He is too small for his age, and has asthma attacks and allergies.

Help us help them. They are really worth it. Together we can assist them on their journey to a better life.  

Family Emergency Fund

We are always striving to keep our Emergency Fund in the black but fail year after year. There are just so many in need of our assistance. How can we turn away when we see people suffering? 

We have helped when studies can't be continued because the money for transportation is missing, and when hospital bills can't be paid and teeth need to be fixed. We go shopping together when there is no money for food and articles of hygiene, when the electricity bill can't be paid and families can no longer heat their food, when shoes need to be bought, and on and on. We give our time and compassionate friendship to all who come to our office.

We know that together we can make the change we wish to see in the world.

Children Are Our Future

Children are our future and truly worth taking care of. We want to ensure that they inherit the best we can offer them: a life of dignity on a planet full of beauty and diversity. 

We do not teach our children math or languages (other schools do a great job of that) - we empower them from within. We show them how to reach their goals, make them aware of their hidden resources, help them to endure difficult situations and teach them to be the guardians of the beauty of our planet. And from time to time we organize a party, or go swimming and hiking. A weekly excursion for the group costs 250 - 350 CHF/USD.

Put smiles on their faces. Consider a donation to our Children's Club.