Communicate With Money

Computers instantly credit and debit money we owe one another. Money machines spit out the cash we need for groceries and credit cards pay for all the luxuries in our lives. But are you aware that money is really energy being transferred from one person to another? With all of our daily transactions it's easy to lose sight of this process. Together to One has devised a game to raise awareness, and hopefully to have some fun with this energy transfer. Send us a message with your project contribution. Words are numbers and numbers have meaning.

What Is Your Money Message?

Together to One invites you to playfully choose pictures, words and numbers from the right side of this page. Create a message with your contribution. In this way money becomes more than a mere dollar amount and your message will have a deeper meaning. Bring awareness to your daily interaction with money by looking at the energy you experience when receiving your pay cheque or when paying bills. What do you feel? We would like to know.



The Together to One Money Message System

Be inspired by the pictures, numbers and words you find to the right and create a personal message for us:  

  • Select the numbers, words or pictures that inspire you the most and write them down on a piece of paper. 
  • Now play around with these numbers until they resemble the meaning you wish to convey. The example below shows how different arrangements are possible: 74.50, 54.70, 574.00 or 7450.
  • After your choice is made, send that amount to PayPal or our bank account.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement from us in a short amount of time. We will also tell you whether we correctly understood your money message or not. 
Here Is An Example

Out of all the pictures, words, and numbers, you choose to make a contribution of USD 74.50.      

Your message to us is therefore:

7 = connection 
4 = manifestation 
5 = new
0 = potential 

Each donation will receive a thank you note. Did we understand your meaning?  

Thank You for Playing!

We hope that our money message system and its playful approach to giving and receiving can inspire the world with a more joyful attitude towards the sharing of money. We also wish you abundance and richness in your life. 

Thank you for playing with us, and thank you for sharing with us.