Richness and Abundance

Together to One makes sure that money is constantly being offered and received. The exchange of money brings lightness of being into the work sphere and to gatherings. To offer and receive with ease brings a twinkle to the eye not only to those exchanging money energy, but also to observers. They too are fully nurtured and enriched in these precious moments.

More and more friends are beginning to support one another in this way not because they are told to do so, no - but because they feel so happy offering and receiving. 

The Together to One Key For Money Distribution

Together to One seeks to balance the three dynamic states of time (past, present and future) by distributing all contributions in the following way:

  • Honoring the past (1/6) 
  • Nurturing the present (2/3)
  • Inspiring the future (1/6)

See below how Together to One creates abundance for many.

Honoring the Past

The energy and hard work of our ancestors has carried us into the present. Together to One honors these efforts and brings harmony to the past by supporting active or completed projects with unbalanced finances.


Contribution to the Past = 1/6

The money message recipient distributes 1/6 of the funding to a past project. 

Nurturing the Present

The only time to manifest is in the Here and Now, so the largest share of the money message flows to the present. This is meant to support those who are taking action today and to encourage them to continue their efforts. 


Contribution to the Present = 2/3

The money message recipient invests 2/3 of the funding into their own project.    

Inspiring the Future

Many of us have great ideas and dreams. Together to One continually creates future projects by encouraging and motivating people to act on these ideas.

Contribution to the Future = 1/6

The money message recipient distributes 1/6 of the funding to a future project.

About the Money Message System

Together to One would like to make the act of giving and receiving more meaningful when it comes to the exchange of money. We thought about a system where the recipient would be able to know the intentions of the giver. 

To become a money messenger proceed to the next page (right hand side); intuitively choose your favorite numbers and combine them into an amount of money. Then send us the message through PayPal or bank transfer.

For example: 
Every number has intrinsic meaning. The amount of 236.45 USD/CHF contains: duality; becoming-being-passing away; endurance; strength and birth. How can you create a message? Look it up here! Care & Share


Let Go of Need and Manifest Abunance

All of us carry inherited patterns and views about money from our collective consciousness and the influence of our family life and upbringing. For example, the sayings that our parents repeated often during our childhood can have a great effect on us. 'Money stinks', 'Easy come, easy go', 'Work before pleasure'...

If you are ready to finally let go your own patterns about money and experience abundance in every situation of your future life, then follow this link: