Susanne Triner, Founder and International Leader

Susanne Triner
The founder and International coordinator and leader of the Together to One project Susanne Triner is responsible for all projects and activities. She teaches future skills at different schools and uiniversities and trains project leaders and their groups.    

Since 1991 she teaches her own empowerment strategies and personal development strategies, accompanies individuals toward their uniqueness and groups of embodied ego-entities into 'smart groups'. In concrete projects initiated by Together to One in Jericho, she is a role model for togetherness in action.
Her unique way to search integration in the many cultures she teaches, her former occupation as a international business consultant and her leadership position in the family owned company formed a fascinating personality. 

In her presence people feel fully accepted, challenged, protected and mentored all at once. Her intuition and her widely known standing power in difficult situations have made her an outstanding trainer and friend. A naturally gifted healer she daily attracts people who need care and attention and she helps with compassion and ease. 

Her Strength:

Integrity, generous attention and awareness, standing power, enthusiasm, organizations skills and talent, courage.  

Her Goals: 

  • To soften the next step in human evolution with the Human Unity Field which she created in an inter-dimensional act in 2005.  
  • Teaching 'Future Skills' to as many as possible world wide. Humanity does not take advantage of 80 % of it's potential skills and talents.

  • Accompaning groups and communities into the future with the Together to One method. A method that empowers individuals and allows them to offer their skills and talents to a greater whole. This can be a project, a company, a community, the whole planet. 

She actually offers:
Weekly tele-classes, Online Webinars, intensive retreats, workshop, Open Space events on future visions, in house inspirations, lectures and speeches.