[Translate to English:] Sterne - Stars - Fussballstars

[Translate to English:] Wir versuchen, die Kinder im Creative Learning Center mit Themen zu begeistern. Eines der Themen war 'Sterne'. Die Wunderwelt der Sterne im Weltall brachte Ah's und Oh's auf die Lippen der Kinder. Danach sollten sie ihren eigenen Stern basteln: ausschneiden, ausmalen oder dreidimensional herstellen. Ein schwieriges Unterfangen - die meisten Kinder haben wenig Handfertigkeiten da dies in den Schulen nicht gefrdert wird.
Chaotisch und lustig ging es beim Theaterspielen zu und her: Ein Star sein - das konnten alle! David Beckham, Stars von Real Madrid oder Barcelona waren die Favoriten der Knaben. Bei den Mdchen waren Bollywood und eine Arabische Aerzteserie hoch im Kurs - alle wollten gerettet werden! 

Hier gibt es Bilder vom Anlass.

Together to One Party with Bio Dansa

Ton Van der Kroon, a long term friend, is gathers yearly in Jericho with a growing group of people for Healing Days. We had a coming together party on the first evening. Merijn Oudsheusen held a short workshop in bio dansa, which we all loved. Annelies led us through a ritual in which men and women honored their diversity by bowing to each other, and we celebrated International Victim Day (5-5) with moments of silence. 

Here are the pictures of our gathering.

What Kids Want

Astonishing 90% of our children ask to be educated for life. They don't ask for more fun, they ask for personal empowerment. We asked about 60 children what theiy would request from our Creative Learning Center during the coming semester and the results were quite surprising.
They had one deep wish, though - they wanted to visit the Dead Sea to celebrate the end of their school year. 7 young adults voulteered to be the organising committee. They worked hard and succeeded. 

Here are the pictures of the unforgettable day.

The Year Began With The OLPC Workshop

The first ever One Laptop Per Child workshop took place on January 5th at our Creative Learning Center. Since then, the project has really started rolling. By mid-February Sebastian Umlauft had received donations for 21 laptops.

Here are pictures from the first workshop.

Creative Learning Center - Hiking In The Wadi Il Kelt

Some of the kids were so excited to be on an excursion outside of Jericho that they couldn't sleep, and were waiting at our door at 7 a.m. ready to go. We hiked into the Wadi il Kelt and up to the mountain top and the Greek Orthodox Monastery. All in all we were gone for 6 hours.
Some of the kids had never been there before. For them it was a real adventure - better than a school trip. 

See for yourself what a great time we had together. 

Inspirations From an Artist

You would not believe that she is 74 years old. Even the children thought she was cool. She danced with AlRami in the circle, was lifted up to Ma'mons shoulders to dance, and sat on the floor with the children to show them how to use the drawing pencil.  

Here are the pictures of her visit.