Together To One International

Together to One - From Humanity to Human Unity

P.O. Box 53 / Iffwilstrasse 28 
CH - 3303 Jegenstorf / Switzerland
Tel:  xx41 31 952 55 52/53
Cell: xx41 78 68 77 559
Email: info(at)

Initiator and International Director
Susanne Triner

You may find more information about Susanne Triner here

Organic Products from the Adopt A Palm Project

We currently sell our organic products, Jumbo Medjool dates from the Adopt A Palm Project in Switzerland. The next harvest can be expected by mid October.  

Coordination and quality: Susanne Triner, 078 68 77 559

Orders by Mail: shop-schweiz(at)
Orders online:

More information about the Adopt A Palm Project and its goals. Here you may also adopt you own palm tree:

Friends of Jericho, Our Local Organization

Together - Friends of Jericho 
Sawa -  Asdeka Ariha
Share Ein Al Sultan
Al Husseini Building, 1st floor

Palnet: 00972 2232 0730
Mail: Friends of Jericho 

Office Friends of Jericho Open Sun - Thurs 10 a.m. - 2. p.m.

Administration & Translations:
Arwa Al Mugrabe (Arabic & English)
Palnet: 00972 2232 0730
EMail: Arwa Mugrabe

Sa'ed Maharmeh (Arabic & English) 
Palnet: 00972 2232 0730
EMail: Sa'ed Maharmeh

Ma'moon Baloo (Arabisch)
Palnet: 00972 2232 0730

EMail: Ma'moon Balo 

Board Members 'Friends of Jericho'

Amira Abu Shushe, President and Founding Member
Samar Tamimi, Vice-President 
Arwa Mugrabe, Secretary and Founding Member
Ahmad Husseini, Finances and Founding Member
Najeh Balo, Founding Member
Fayez Alyan, Founding Member
Zakaria Fitini
Mohammad Abu Al Hawa, Founding Member

'The Friends' in Jericho

Nofa Barham, Khadeshe Mugrabe, Doa' Mobhrabe, Moayyad Touri, Shadi Tayseer, Wasem Daraghmeh, Tamer Murrar, Sa'ed Maharmeh, Arwa Mograbe, Eman Lahseh, Awne Shtewei, Mervat Najjar, Mohammed Razem, Shorouq Motaffer, Hiba Mobrabe, Mohammed Abu Al Hawa.

Join our facebook group: Friends of Jericho


Friends and Supporters of Together to One

Project Leaders from Europe in Jericho:
Sebastian Umlauft, Germany (Open Space and One Laptop Per Child)
Ton Van der Kroon, Holland (Healing Days)
Ijsbrand Leuwen, Holland (Design) 
Job Jansen, Holland (Hotel Hisham Palace)
Ines Ligthart-Schenk, Holland (Creative Learning Center)
Magda Franckart, Holland (Care & Share, Notgroschen)

Project Leaders from Jericho:
Adnan Jabber, (Adopt-A-Palm)
Amira Abu Shushe (Woman & Child)
Julia Abu Shushe (Basket Seminar, Creative Learning Center)
Ali Filali (Youth of Jericho, Dates)
Abu Sumbul (SODIS)
Dr. Maher Natour and Eyad Abu Saleh (Summercamp)

Friends of Jericho International:
Corinne Lavrijssen, Holland
Sebastian Umlauft, Germany
Kailani Simone Bouvrot, Switzerland

English: Susanne Triner, Switzerland; Bruce Reid, Canada
Hebrew: Rachel Wesley, Israel
Arabic: Arwa Mugrabe, Rawan Groof

Important Partners in Jericho:
Dr. Sami Mussalam, Ex-Governor of Jericho District
Mounir Kleibo, UNDP Delegate, Jerusalem 
Ayser Barham, General Manager Municipality Jericho
Maher Nadour, Director Red Crescent Society, Jericho
Samer Tamimi, Secretary of Municipality, Jericho
Abu Sumbul, General Manager, Akaba Jabber Camp

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