Our Goal - Heartfelt Togetherness in Action

The aim of Together to One is to empower individuals to act as co-creators of our common future. Participants offer their talents, skills, love, and support for something larger - an action plan for the coming shift in consciousness on planet earth. With the Together to One method we focus our energy for the benefit of all. We work in 'smart groups' to achieve concrete, practical results. This process can be fun, efficient, supportive and deeply moving. When a project has been completed we often look back on the wonders that came our way and ask: How did we do that? How did it happen? 

Our Golden Rule - For the Benefit of All
  • We fight neither for nor against anything
  • We encourage new experience and new insight 
  • We are independent
  • We are politically neutral and have no religious affiliation
  • We honour the past
  • We nurture the present
  • We inspire the future
    How does this play out in practice? Please have a look at our projects.
Our Partners - From One to Many

Together to One respects and honours every human being in its unique individuality. We are all equally capable in creating future together. Smart group technology and the Together to One method enable us to partner with individuals, groups, companies and organizations of all sizes.  


Our Structure - As Simple as Possible

Our organizational mantra is Kiss: "keep it simple sweetheart".  We have organized Together to One as a project with this mantra in mind. It is not a club, association or institution. It is simply an evolving project in which everyone may participate.

The different layers of Together to One are:

  • Local, regional and international groups 
  • Local, regional and international projects
  • An annual congress, action days, workshops and seminars 
  • The Human Unity Field, which connects us all
Our Legal Status

Together to One was founded in Switzerland as an International Organization in accordance with Swiss law (OR 57ff). It is a registered tax exempt organization. 

Friends of Jericho is our local organization in Jericho. It is certified as a social organization by the Ministry of Interior. Its number is JR-645.  

Our Strength - We Are Connected

An understanding of quantum physics and morphogenetics provided Susanne Triner with the spark of an idea. In 2005 she took action. In an inter-dimensional act, the Human Unity Field was created for the benefit of all humanity to facilitate the next step in human evolution. Since then, people have been connecting to the field daily: receiving inspiration and inspiring others.  
This field is here to support us. Between the 12th and 21st of each month we select a complex problem to be solved in a co-creational act. Please join us! We are creating heaven on earth. 
Go here for more information and to join an introductory call. 

Our Gratitude

We have been helped on our way by some wonderful and giving individuals. They stand apart from the spotlight and yet they have been essential to the survival of Together to One.

Thank you all!

Susanne Triner
and Team 

Would you like to support Together to One? Please follow this link, and thank you in advance!