Welcome to the Virtual World of Together to One

How can human beings come to understand and feel that we are part of one big family? How can individuals, so competitive and egocentric, begin to contribute to the benefit of all? How can we let go of our obsession with the latest trends and fashions and find true satisfaction by the giving of our selves? From birth we are trained to think of ourselves first; our security, our education, our career, our health. It's time to change. By helping others we help ourselves.

There is a way forward. Together to One has created a method of transformation for both the individual and society. You are invited to freely use this method for the benefit of all. 

Together We Can Solve Complex Problems

Over the past five years, Together to One has proved that efficient and lasting solutions are possible when people share their skills and joyfully work together instead of concentrating on competition for their own benefit.

After years of being tested through many projects and under very challenging circumstances, we can proudly say that the Together to One Method works. Our tools bring joy, prosperity, and fun to the solution of problems large and small. 

BetterMeans has produced a software based version of the Together to One 'smart group' method. We support them wholeheartedly. Check out their video.

Creating a Future for Jericho

During the last weekend of January 2011, Together to One organized an Open Space event in Jericho. 21 students from four different universities concentrated on answering the question: How do we create paradise in Jericho?

Follow up meetings have brought various ideas and visions to the planning stage. We organized 'smart groups' to implement these proposals. The smart groups  now meet in private before bringing their results back to the big group.
Paradise is coming closer. 

Look at the pictures here

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At Last! Friends of Jericho is Legal

It took persistence and faith but finally it is official: our local organization Friends of Jericho has received accreditation as a legal entity from the Ministry of the Interior. Our number is JR-645. Now we can speak publicly about the good things we are doing. We have official permission to create a future which benefits all in the oldest city on the planet. Yeah!

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Rita Adopts # 200 - How About You?

The Adopt A Palm project is growing. We can proudly announce that over 220 palm trees have been adopted so far.

Last fall we exported delicious Jumbo Medjool dates, of the highest quality, to Europe. Our devoted customers could scarcely wait for them to arrive. We still have some left. You may order here.

Wouldn't it be nice to know there is a palm tree growing in your name? Rita adopted the 200th palm tree in memory of her husband Max, who passed away recently. Now a palm tree is growing in his name and she adopted another one for herself. There is alot of inspiration and gratitude flowing together and taking root in Adopt A Palm land.

Join us in this co-operative project and become a social entrepreneur. Learn more about this sustainable and inspiring project here.

Human Unity = HUF

Thanks to HUF human unity is becoming a reality. HUF stands for the Human Unity Field. A growing number of people are connecting to it to actively co-create our common future. The Human Unity Field supports individuals, groups, companies and institutions in their transformation, and has the potential of being the optimal tool for the next step in human evolution. 

We are all co-creators and can all learn how to play with freedom and responsibility on the Human Unity Field playground. There is a global shift in consciousness coming. Soon we will be able to act as One and move in one big breath. This is the Together to One goal. 

Introductory sessions and phone calls are available so that people can learn to connect with the Human Unity Field. Once connected we can come together to achieve common goals. Learn more here.