How Together to One Sponsors Activities and Projects Begin

Together to One projects come into existence in a variety of ways: 

  • when people are enthusiastic about a topic
  • when someone feels an urge to act
  • when like-minded people desire to come together to transform an idea 
Putting Ideas into Action

Great ideas are discussed, planned and put into action: 

  • on Topic Days
  • in Workshops
  • in Retreat Seminars
  • during International Congresses

Together to One is interested in promoting projects which serve as models for future community life, in a future that benefits all. Would you like to transform your idea into action with the support of Together to One?  Please send us a brief proposal.

Unlocking the Future

Spontaneity. Dynamism. Enthusiasm. Competence. Experience. Patience. These are some of the qualities Together to One brings to the table. We facilitate breakthroughs in a unique group process, specifically tailored to the needs and goals of your organization.

Together to One offers coaching, consulting and seminars to individuals and groups of all sizes.

Interested in unlocking the future within yourself, your group, or your company? 
Get in touch here

A Different Perspective

Together to One's ideas can not only make a difference in the lives of individuals, but also in the way people work together and live together in a community. Many of these ideas transcend theory - they must be experienced in order to feel the difference. Come share part of your vacation with us. Volunteer with us and discover what it means to work in 'smart groups' for the benefit of all.

If you would like to learn more about the philosophy and project management of Together to One please follow this link.